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Bahamas Family Planning

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Commonwealth House

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Bahamas Government Clinics

Fourth Terrace Diagnostics

General Practice Physicians

Golden Gates Clinic

Grosvenor Medical Centre

Internal Medicine Physicians

Montague Medical Clinic

Lyford Cay Hospital

West Valley Medical Clinic

Women's Medical Centre

Women's Care Centre

The Walk-In Medical Clinic

Chesapeake Medical Centre

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Seagrapes Medical

Sunrise Family Centre



New Golden Gates Medical Centre

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Oxford Medical Centre

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Princess Margaret Hospital

Comprehensive Medical Centre

Precious Posterity

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St. Luke's Medical Centre

Bahamas Surgical Associates

The  Family Medical Clinic

Family Medicine Centre

The Agape Children's Clinic

The Ladies Medical Centre

The Medi Centre- Centreville

The Medi Centre- Prince Charles

The New Renaissance Medical

The Skin Centre

Marathon Medical Centre

Eastwood Medical Centre

Urgent Care Centre

The Cancer Centre

Advanced Medical

Village Medical Centre


There is no limit to the number of physicians that we can serve. Patients have come to us from physicians throughout The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands, the Barbados Fertility Clinic as well as numerous international referrals.


Business Professionals, Insurance Companies and Medical Institutions, both public and private, trust us to deliver accurate, timely and quality test results.


Here is a short listing of some of the clients we have served:


Innovative and Creative Laboratory Services Reaching Beyond Local  Boundaries..

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